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I'm fair game

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

I was introduced when I was around thirty

To this striking, elusive beauty

I was smitten but didn’t know what to do

About my first move, I had no clue

Confidence, I tried

Often, I cried

It was a one-sided affair that was less on, more off

Yet, I couldn’t help but be obsessed with golf.

The swing played hard to get

From this bitch, I didn’t know what to expect

Suddenly, I’d feel great

When my ball went high, long and straight

Then it would go sideways without warning

Without a care that my heart was breaking

Again, I’d do fine and feel I’d solved the mystery

Next minute be reminded, there’s just no consistency.

I couldn’t get its perfect form out of my head

My craziness would continue until I was dead

Should I get coached by a more experienced lover?

May be then I’d play like Tiger

But I tried understanding golf on my own

Looking to go steady, I was left feeling forlorn

I just wasn’t delivering the goods

I often found myself in the woods.

Now I generally get a bogey

But I’m still madly in love with the birdie

So I continue this affair with diligence

Finally, I’ve begun to use some intelligence

Rather than just think about technique

I feel what I’m trying to achieve

But I’ll never believe I’m special, I just won’t have the gall

Because golf will always have me by the balls.


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