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building Your brand?

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Maybe you don’t care what others think

Pretty unlikely though, if you’re on social media

Or even if off-line, meeting people over drinks

Consciously or not, perhaps impressing others is the idea

You probably care about how you look, what you’re wearing

And your posts on Whatsapp, Facebook, Insta or Twitter

In fact, you’re a brand that’s communicating

So, are you being noticed and appreciated in the clutter?

Maybe you post carefully curated selfies

Or pictures of breakfast, lunch, dinner

Or publish your private diaries

Or you’d like to be read like this copywriter?

Don’t you go to the gym for the photos?

Wasn’t posting pictures the point of getting married?

And you’re wishing family members on Fb – good show!

You already have 1003 likes – you’ve succeeded

Prancing around in your underwear on Instagram?

Or just ogling models and actors – you don’t always have to post

Most of all, it’s you that gives a damn

But hey, do whatever floats your boat

Now it’s not this copywriter’s aim to judge anyone

In fact, it’s to say communicate whatever

You’ll build your brand, if what you put out is fun

Just make sure it’s in line with your brand character.


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