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Keep your hair on!

Updated: May 29, 2021

There isn’t a lot on your head

But you give it much thought

Your diminishing hair is what you dread

You used to have a decent mop

Now the mirror leaves you aghast

Among other things, there’s your potbelly

You can get rid of it if you run or walk fast

But what if folks say hey baldie?

So you use oils formulated painstakingly

Pop hair-growth pills of every complexion

But it’s only making your character greasy

And giving you erectile dysfunction

Your friends and you have a night on the town

You go to all these young-people’s places

You let your scanty hair down

And you come off as jackasses

It’s time again for a visit to the salon

You get your few strands styled and gelled

You tried a hair-piece but it fooled no one

You swear you’ll get a hair-transplant before you’re dead.


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