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Updated: Dec 24, 2020

I’m sure you know

I like my chow

Alright, I’ll shake your hand

Though it’s such a bore

Now please open the jar and give me more

To eat I don’t make a kill

Only because it’s your will

Yeah, it didn’t taste great

But it was I who stalked and subdued the slipper

You tried stealing it from me and I got your finger

I don’t like it when you raise your voice

After all, did I have a choice?

I had to relieve myself!

You’re fine with my peeing on a flower or tree

And you’re fussing because I went on the pots in the balcony?

One minute you’re freaking out

And the next, patting me and making cutie-pie sounds

I’m probably the only sane one in the house

Unlike you squabbling folks, I maintain my equanimity

Now as it relaxes us both, you may scratch my tummy

Yeah, I know you like my cold nose and soft fur

But why is it always me that has to come over?

And don’t insult my intelligence please

Don’t say biscuit, when you aren’t holding any

Aren’t you concerned about your integrity?

OK, I’m not the alpha dog

And to me you are a God

So answer my prayers, give me too some cake!

I’ve been here ever since I can remember

Doesn’t that make me a family member?

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