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Updated: May 29, 2021

Going for a walk in the Capital?

Do so at your own peril

Well, you may not get mugged

But you’ll likely step on dog shit or cow-dung

Though they’re all around

You could avoid these mounds

But of the polluted air, how will you be careful?

Heck, just take in a lungful

You may miss being run over narrowly

You can avoid automobile emissions, hardly

As if there aren’t enough toxins in our atmosphere

Crop burning is adding to our particulate matter

It’s been going on for years

And for their health, folks fear

Top politicians promise to deliver

As our rivers become open sewers

The whole place is a garbage dump

But its problems, who will confront?

Politicians just want to grab power

And find ways to con the voter

What does the Centre say is dirty?

Some inconsequential nude photography

Instead of solutions, we get propaganda

And the government pushes its crappy agenda.


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