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Ego, go?

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

If you’re a big shot

You probably have it in spades

Even if you’re not

You’ll have oodles of it for decades

It’s not charm, money or libido

Though these are contributing factors

To what we all have, our ego

Which makes us believe we’re the creators

Sure, there’s much we achieve

But what actually makes us function?

Did our life our ego conceive?

What causes evolution?

Maybe the very same energy

That enlivens and evolves us?

If it’s not our ego that works our brain and body

In our souls or God, shall we trust?

Many masters and philosophers think so

But it’s easier said than done

To go beyond our ego

And the spiritual path isn’t always fun

All of us are on it, realize it or not

And though we’re on different ones

Ultimately, we’ve to find the divinity we’ve got

And they say, look for it in everyone

But as our ego we try to transcend

With lower emotions, it can always make a come back

Even about being spiritual, we can get a big head

And then realise, what’s the point of that?

What may help is introspection

And observing our lower self

Eventually, through regular meditation

We may realize, God knows how, our higher self.


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