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Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

He gets you

With his Six Blade Knife

Not much you can do

You’re mesmerised

With Romeo And Juliet

In The Gallery

Once Upon A Time In The West

Why Worry

Into Dire Straits?

You’ll be around for a lifetime

Yeah they did orchestrate

To blow your mind

Once a Newcastle kid

Wanted a plastic, Elvis Presley guitar

Imitated the King

Now there’s no one like Mark Knopfler

Loved his uncle Kingsley do Runaway Train

Tried the Elvis grin, collars turned up

Played football with a tennis ball in the back-lanes

On the Boogie-Woogie he was stuck

Studied to be a journalist, taught English

Came across a lightly strung, warped, old acoustic

Bands he played in were numerous

Found his ‘voice’ on guitar as he finger-picked it

Now he’s got the world agog

Kid who used the radio as an amplifier

And inhaled guitar catalogues

Is the celebrated guitar-player, singer, songwriter

Mark’s music shot him to fame

Sultans of Swing then Money for Nothing

But celebrityhood wasn’t the aim

Straits disbanded but the sound he kept producing

Golden Heart was his first as a solo musician

Never really wanted to be a star

Just to make music and you can’t stop listening

He still has you playing air-guitar

To Sailing to Philadelphia



Down The Road Wherever

Yeah there’s more where that came from

And these words could never do justice to his music

Luckily, Knopfler’s still going strong

Keep listening 'n' enjoying the kick.


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