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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

It began as news on TV

Soon the world and its uncle knew about it

Now it’s affecting you personally

But what can you do about Covid?

Wash, distance, quarantine and sanitize

Listen to WHO, CDC and their clones

Mask up and don’t touch your mouth or eyes

Do it all till the cows come home

Folks have had enough of this and lockdowns

Especially those who are asymptomatic

It’s like the cold or flu, they frown

And been made needlessly traumatic

Many say it's serious and people are dying

So why are even doctors divided about Covid?

Several believe the real disease is underlying

The world is split in two, like voters for the US President

Trump recommended ingesting bleach or disinfectant

Then there are other so-called miracle cures

Did China create the virus as a bioweapon?

Or is the Deep State and Mr. Gates controlling our futures?

There’s as much information as misinformation

And people have become exhausted or plain idiotic

Maybe even this is a Covid symptom

After all, who knows everything about the pandemic?

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