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See life as a movie?

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

You scream as it starts

Dimly aware of the blood and pain

You begin to take it all in

And in the moving picture, play your part

It’s a mega production

With so many performers

All in scenes with each other

You too are part of the action

Like it, there isn't another show

It’s so real and new, at times feels like Deja Vu

Thank your parents for introducing you

How will your story go?

Actors have a say

But your prior roles may influence your character

Mostly, it’s up to the big-time director

Maybe you should pray?

Will your part get you attention?

Make you a success?

Make you famous?

Give you satisfaction?

Your role is ephemeral

And the movie merely a play of light

You can only try and get it right

Your spirit is eternal

Who really is the creator?

Making you happy and sad

Taking you through good and bad

In a way, aren’t you the audience, actor, director?


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