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Seeing with the third eye

Updated: May 29, 2021

Is there something on your mind?

When is there not?

Even when you unwind

You have so many thoughts

They go in one direction

And quickly, in another

It’s the usual situation

You’re hardly the controller

Sometimes, you concentrate

And you can be constructive

When you’re able to ideate

You can even be creative

But does your brain ever stop buzzing?

Even when you’re asleep

It continues processing

So how will you find the peace you seek?

As spoke the gurus that are wise

If with spine straight and eyes closed, you start observing

Your breath, body and mind, you'll eventually realise

You’re not these but the soul, you’re actually, the bliss you are chasing

But such spiritual communion is easier said than done

They say you should be regular with this meditation

Thoughts will pop up but just watch them pass, surely later, you’ll act on some

And if you keep up this practice, ultimately you'll attain, Self-Realisation.


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