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Sharad Mama

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Barely in my teens, I thought I was cool

After all, I could eat green chilis

Mama didn’t take me for a fool

Still, I took his challenge to have ten for ten rupees

He had a naughty grin on his face

And a booming voice

He was king of all he surveyed

You didn’t really have much of a choice

He wasn’t just a family elder

To whom you had to listen

But a natural leader

You could hardly question

His home was where all would gather

And his extended family would vacation

It’s where the party was for fellow officers

No matter the Air Force station

Playing host was forever his and Mami’s thing

For them cooking was an art

He was big on food and drink

Just like his moustache and heart

He was incharge of Air Traffic Control

You felt he could pull anything off

Managing airspace and pilots was his role

Also, nephews in shorts – you know what I’m speaking of

Long ago he enjoyed his rum and cigars

Later, whisky on the rocks and tambaku

Played bridge, rummy, teen patti – he did like his cards

On a separate note, he once traced and brought home my brother, Kaku!

About him there are many stories to tell

And to share them all may not be fit

He made folks laugh like hell

One time, I inhaled his sweaty armpit

He recently left for his final trip

The man called Makhan for his complexion

Will be greatly missed

But after his last battle, you can be sure he’s rocking it in heaven.


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