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The Doer

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Hey you

Reading this

Ever grateful for it,

The things you can do?

You move and walk

So what's the big deal

When man's achieved so much

That you think and talk?

Not all easily do

The many little things

You take for granted

But is the doer really you?

Who are you,

A body and a bunch of feelings and thoughts,

Yes, but whose,

Have a clue?

What is one's personality?

Your body, emotions, mind

Give you a sense of self

But isn’t the deeper you, the reality?

There's typically some egotism

You have accomplishments

Position, talent, looks, money

To find the source of all, go within?

What works your brain and bod

Gives you energy when awake

Takes you away when asleep

Is the real doer God?

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