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Lover boy!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

I’m involved in multiple affairs

All are pretty serious

I’m in love I declare

Luckily, my situation isn’t dangerous

They are breathtaking

Each in their own way

They send my pulse racing

And make me want to stay

I get much action

Yet, nobody is possessive

And though they give me satisfaction

No-one is jealous

I worry about my performance

But they just inspire me to get better

From gloom they provide deliverance

And shape my character

Not just me

Others too, have serious relationships

And love them intimately

After all, they are golf, badminton and tennis

All are so special

Including swimming, running and yoga

They remain forever beautiful

And also make us lovers look younger

When you’re involved deeply

It’s difficult to be apart

They lift you up physically and spiritually

For them, you’ll always have a place in your heart.


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