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Poles apart

Updated: May 29, 2021

Do folks with different viewpoints have polite discussions?

What if they support different politicians?

Some of our representatives thrive

When for each other, voters bring out their knives

Even if to their lives, it makes no difference

People use sophisticated weapons

They fire salvos via whatsapp, facebook or twitter

At just about anyone who begs to differ

But what’s really ripping-apart society?

Is it the difference in religion, ideology or ethnicity?

Or is it politicians stoking this separation?

Fanning the flames to create polarization?

Even in countries where people are similar

Politicians divide them to grab power

Appealing to their camps to win elections

Inciting violence and damaging institutions

The judiciary is compromised

Human rights supporters are demonized

Everyday interactions are poisoned

And the polarization is heightened

So how would experts end this vicious cycle?

Different leadership, reforms or action that’s international or judicial

And a decentralization of political power

Also, consideration for one another can fight the polarization monster.


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