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If it’s good stuff

It gives me a high

Makes me smile, sway or cry

And I can’t get enough

It touches me within

Takes me on a trip

I look for more of it

Guess it's an addiction

When I’ve got troubles

And everything’s messy

Getting by isn’t easy

It’s my light at the end of the tunnel

Heck, when life’s a picnic

And I’m not fighting to survive

I’m happy just to be alive

I still need my fix of music

It’s mind-altering

The compositions, the vocals

They’re legal

And I'm taking them in

It’s just recreational

And the folks who produce it

Do the world a service

Their stuff is so easily available

It’s healing and uplifting

For my heart, my brain

I can feel the music in my veins

And it’s alright to be OD’ing

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Aman Chandra
Aman Chandra
03 mei 2021

Trippy music has always worked for me 😎

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